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Favourites-April 2019

Welcome back to by Lexi everyone! I want to share with you some of my favourite things that I have discovered/rediscovered this month!


1. Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate-

This face oil is so luxurious it makes you feel like royalty, it doesn’t lie! It has proven results that I will certainly second! I would recommend to all skin types bar oily.

2. Ted Baker morning bloom body spray-

This scent is gentle and warming yet sultry at the same time. A cheap designer dupe but still with the brand. If you want to go all out, buy the body soufflé and wash to go along with it!

3. Glossier lash slick-

Yes, this may have been around for a while now, but this has become my staple. I use this every single day. Subtle for the daytime or sultry for the evening. A versatile natural-looking mascara that lives up to its title. Buy this now!


1. White, white, white-

It looks like white is going to be everywhere this summer. Walk into a clothing shop and you will find yourself in a white-out. Jackets, skirts, dresses, jeans; whatever it is but it!

*by the way do yourself a favour and stock up on white denim, which is certainly leading the way in the white takeover!

2. Skirts-

The slip skirt has been around for a while now. Dress it up or down. Just. So. Versatile. But now, enter the floral skirt. Maxi or midaxi preferably! Every shop is selling them left right and centre. If you’re walking down the high street urban outfitters is the place to check out!

3. Bikinis-

This year is 100% The year of the bikini. Go shopping for those bikinis. The exaggerated underwire are a cool statement. Simply yet bold. Bold colours are also in. Animal print also being a big yes! The options are endless. You do you!


1. Mindfulness-

It’s the bikini body time of the year, which can lead to people putting themselves down and comparing themselves to these perfect models (who are sometimes even photoshopped). If you find that these things are starting to affect you then try yoga, meditation or mindfulness to relax the mind. I promise it will work miracles.

2. Family-

Just a reminder that home is where the heart is, family is the key to happiness and success so don’t leave your loved ones trailing behind you! At the end of the day they matter most!

3. Holidays-

Treat yourself. Relax. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned it! Whether it’s a day trip to the nearest beach or a five star Caribbean holiday, take some time off for you. Make the most of the prospect of good weather and escape!

Thank you for reading my post! I hope that you found it insightful and interesting! Please leave me a comment and a like with some positive feedback/constructive criticism!

By Lexi

Everything on my Skincare Shelf

Due to my recent skincare obsession I have found that I have accumulated a large amount of products, I have decided to name the few that I find myself constantly going back to.

1.Avène extremely gentle cleanser lotion. This is brilliant as you don’t need to clean it off and it is water-based so good for all skin types. Even the most sensitive! link

2. The body shop tea tree toner-This almost doubles as a toner and cleansing water as it removes the small bits of dirt that the cleanser misses. Just apply with a cotton pad and sweep it over your face! link

3. Glossier solution- This product is a wonder! Have any small little bumps on your forehead that have been there for what feels like your whole life? But this! Quite literally a solution! Apply just like a toner! Doesn’t hurt the wallet either! link

4. Avène moisturisers- Through the deep struggle of dry, sensitive skin, avène moisturisers have kept me going strong! Both their light morning one and their skin recovery cream have kept me having silky smooth skin! link

5. Mario badescu drying lotion- This is a miracle-worker for whiteheads! It clears them overnight while you’re sleeping so there is no faff whatsoever! It might tingle, but that means it working! link

6. Mario badescu rosewater facial spray- Ask anyone who’s ever used a rosewater spray if they loved it-their answer will be a definite yes! This hydrates, soothes and sets makeup! Perfect for on the go as well! link

7. Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil-This oil is luxurious and instagram-approved! You simply can’t beat it! It glides on so smoothly and is good for any age! link

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope this helped you!

Starting Afresh

It’s currently half past twelve in the morning, but I’m sitting in bed. Writing. My eyes are dry and my head is empty of thoughts but I am still here. Writing.

I haven’t yet decided what this blog should be about…

…should it be about beauty? Fashion? Food? Travel? Maybe even my life boarding school?

Or me?

Just plain old me should do it I suppose, but where do I start?

Hopefully my second attempt at writing a blog will go past one hundred views, and maybe I could get a few fans but let’s just go one step at a time…

…tomorrow (today) I will write an entry with a clearer, more awake mind, maybe that will make a more enlightening entry than this pathetic attempt.

Anyways, we’ll see how this goes, me and you and my blog. Where will it end? Where will it begin?

*Well obviously with a lot of questions*

Or maybe with a good night’s sleep!

Goodnight my friend! Sleep well!