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Everything on my Skincare Shelf

Due to my recent skincare obsession I have found that I have accumulated a large amount of products, I have decided to name the few that I find myself constantly going back to.

1.Avène extremely gentle cleanser lotion. This is brilliant as you don’t need to clean it off and it is water-based so good for all skin types. Even the most sensitive! link

2. The body shop tea tree toner-This almost doubles as a toner and cleansing water as it removes the small bits of dirt that the cleanser misses. Just apply with a cotton pad and sweep it over your face! link

3. Glossier solution- This product is a wonder! Have any small little bumps on your forehead that have been there for what feels like your whole life? But this! Quite literally a solution! Apply just like a toner! Doesn’t hurt the wallet either! link

4. Avène moisturisers- Through the deep struggle of dry, sensitive skin, avène moisturisers have kept me going strong! Both their light morning one and their skin recovery cream have kept me having silky smooth skin! link

5. Mario badescu drying lotion- This is a miracle-worker for whiteheads! It clears them overnight while you’re sleeping so there is no faff whatsoever! It might tingle, but that means it working! link

6. Mario badescu rosewater facial spray- Ask anyone who’s ever used a rosewater spray if they loved it-their answer will be a definite yes! This hydrates, soothes and sets makeup! Perfect for on the go as well! link

7. Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil-This oil is luxurious and instagram-approved! You simply can’t beat it! It glides on so smoothly and is good for any age! link

Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope this helped you!

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  1. I keep seeing that body shop toner and i really want to try it out! You’ve got some great products here 💕


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