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Starting Afresh

It’s currently half past twelve in the morning, but I’m sitting in bed. Writing. My eyes are dry and my head is empty of thoughts but I am still here. Writing.

I haven’t yet decided what this blog should be about…

…should it be about beauty? Fashion? Food? Travel? Maybe even my life boarding school?

Or me?

Just plain old me should do it I suppose, but where do I start?

Hopefully my second attempt at writing a blog will go past one hundred views, and maybe I could get a few fans but let’s just go one step at a time…

…tomorrow (today) I will write an entry with a clearer, more awake mind, maybe that will make a more enlightening entry than this pathetic attempt.

Anyways, we’ll see how this goes, me and you and my blog. Where will it end? Where will it begin?

*Well obviously with a lot of questions*

Or maybe with a good night’s sleep!

Goodnight my friend! Sleep well!

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